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I’ve been doing a lot of thinking recently. About my life, where it has been and where it is right now, but most importantly, how different it is today from what I imagined it would be like as a kid. But looking back, it makes so much sense that things turned out exactly how they are today and that I turned out exactly how I am today. I had some great times. Most of them with my brother, Dmitrious, but many more just by myself. And as much as I miss those times and maybe wish that I could go back and relive them from time to time, I think the whole point of living is to make more moments just like them; not copy cats of those moments, just moments that seek to activate that same energetic spirit of youth, excitement, and adventure. I think instead of looking back, I should keep my attention to the present. I am making those moments that I will be looking back at fondly many years later, here, today, right now.

Sometimes the best way I know how to express myself is through music. So I wrote a little song. Enjoy and please let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Time Again [SONG]


Take me back, take me back
to the lost years.
I come across these splendid thoughts, but they just disappear.

Take me back, take me back
To my deep fears.
I faced my demons with sticks and stones, I stood bold.
But it was me that scared me the most.

What ever happened to the good years of trying
so hard to run away from problems I thought I had,
but I couldn’t know things would get better without a second glance.

To replace the present with the future and the past.
I swear I’ll never trade my destination for my path.
I’ll never trade my fortune for class.

Time again and again.
Time again and again. Again. Again.

Take me back, take me back
to nowhere.
I spent too much time wondering where I’ve been to get there.

Take me back, take me back
to somewhere.
I stay awake at night to escape my mind and just lay there.

Time again and again.
Time again and again. Again. Again.

To those moments
that are long gone,
Please stay still
and I’ll move on because
my teacher is gray and old,
he holds a clock and he holds my soul.

And I’ll follow, follow this road.
Time to move forward and leave the good times behind.

Again and again.
Time again and again.
Time again and again.