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I’ve been listening to a lot of William Fitzsimmons lately. I’ll be honest, it has put me in a very mellow, but thought-provoking mood. So in response to that, I wanted to write a song that strove to evoke those same themes and emotions that are present in a lot of his songs, and that’s what you have before you right now. I wrote this song in response to old, forgotten emotions that I had. I wanted to bring them to light to portray the feeling of entanglement, but also of new-found freedom. As always, I’m more nervous than anything right now, just through the simple act of putting this out there. Hope you like it.

Listen to the Audio Track: Admittance

Trees covering a winding road

I never saw your clockwork thoughts
Time moved so slow that it stopped
You took me to the water’s edge
And left me there for dead
And left me there for dead

I stood in a crowded place
But felt so alone I couldn’t breathe
I let my heart speak in vain
It just laid there in waste
just laid there in waste

I swore I would never forget your touch
But I fell apart and you watched me rust
You told me to be strong
I couldn’t hold it all
Could not hold it all

I felt you start to slip away
I did everything I could think to make you stay
When you walked away further down that open road
I stood and missed you as I watched you go

But not anymore
But not anymore