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Listen to the Audio Track: The Departing

A steam engine puffs a cloud of black.

Never learned a greater lesson,
through my decisions,
and when I messed up,
you know I talked loud and then I took a bow,
locked myself with chains of a thick crowd.

Through my binds, I found timing
and figured out my life was a rolling pin
upon a steam engine, another dime and conductor
hat’s brim, hunting for mountains I dreamed I would win.

Even so, I wished for mirrors.
At least that way no one can hear us.
And when we fly through the tunnel a thousand miles an hour,
at least we find that shadows will be nearest.

And these terrors,
well they’re nothing,
but sometimes there’s something.

I’m rough like the edges of our sketches,
And you’re so smooth with an eraser as your weapon.

Your eyes fade away
Your eyes teach me to sing
And so I sing: Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah, Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah.

I find myself stuck back here in this
place again
wondering when this ends
It’s funny, but I know the joke was not a pretense
I feel parts I didn’t know had dividends

It’s past tense electrified
moving motion, of our quotient, of your old occurrent alibi’s.

For that reason I suffer,
I stuff things down like starvation before supper
And still I wonder, what’s to plunder?
I bust through love, with a blunderbuss of blunder

shots ring out, I’m behind the gun
I always knew that I would be the one
But then again, maybe you knew too,
and that’s why you flew the coop.

Plain and simple,
I could never falter with my fingers on the sun
my cheeks full of dimples,
and the smile of a gun.

And is it so wrong,
that I would fight for you
that I would end my life
in a plight to obtain you,
to sustain me!

But I guess that’s why I’m here
clinging to the fear,
that I’ll be erased when

Your eyes fade away
Her eyes teach me to sing
And so I sing: Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah, Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah.

I once heard that if you love something so much, you let it go,
If that’s true, then I must have loved a hundred-fold
because every night I lay awake
and these pillows are the pillars that hold up my overbearing stone-hedge weight.

I’m lost, I feel heavy,
I wonder if these dreadwaters can be sucked back into the levy
of my memories–of what I can still remember, wait was it in December when
I thought of us forever? Or was that when you last held me?

I don’t know, things are getting fuzzy
Am I losing myself or am I just forgetting. Wait, no, don’t go.
Hello? If I could just see you… Maybe I could…
Does this stairway lead back to you?
Are you even there?
Or is it just me now?