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I’m no photographer by any merit of the term, but sometimes I’ll pick up my camera just to feel like I am one. To feel its weight in my hands and to peer through the viewfinder, snapping away as if I could very well be a photographer if only I had wanted to be one. That, or I would just prefer not to explain to people that I’ve had my camera for nine months now, and still have no idea how it works.

Most recently, I embarked on a hike through the natural brushes of a wild forest in the isolated natural beauty of Northeast Washington. With my trusty camera at my side, a measly Canon EOS Rebel t3i, I began to snap many, many photos. I’ll admit, I went a little crazy. But, after letting my camera lay dormant for as long as I have, I figured why not go a little crazy, right? Why not venture out into the forest and give my camera the action and attention it deserves!

So there I was. Thinking I was about to go capture some breathtaking nature: a tree toppled onto its side. Perhaps some flowers too. Maybe some pretty blue sky peeking in through the woodland branches. But what I discovered instead just might astound you…

A wild Caterpie

A wild Caterpie inches along a sturdy log.

Wild Mankey Flagpoles in Forest

A wild Mankey flagpoles on the forest brush.

Wild Pidgoet Fly through treetops

A wild Pidgeott dives from overhead.

Hitmontop Headspin

A wild Hitmontop headspins on a tree stump.

Pokemon Forest Jamboree
A wild Shroomish, Vileplume, and Sudawoodoo participate in a traditional forest Petal Dance Jamboree.

Wild Snorlax Slumbers
A wild Snorlax slumbers in the shade.

Ponyta and Rapidash Frolic
A wild Ponyta and its Rapidash mother frolic a grassy field together.

So I guess this is the part where I say that I’ve learned something, right? That in my quest to find beauty, I found the unexpected instead. It’s kind of funny, but life sort of works that way, doesn’t it? We often come with our expectations for how things should turn out and push ourselves wholly into that direction. The tricky part though is usually what happens directly after. We find it–not what we’re looking for exactly–something totally different. And the ironic part is, it changes absolutely everything about what we thought we knew and wanted. Maybe it’s a wild forest jamboree or the tender flames of a Rapidash tending its young.

Maybe its something more realistic and has nothing to do with Pokémon; like stumbling into a career on a random off chance and it ends up becoming what you love to do. Or that special somebody that walks into your life suddenly and quickly becomes everything to you–even though, in this moment, we weren’t quite ready for them to arrive just yet. Sometimes life is just cruel that way. It’s an unpredictable shifting mass of time that takes and gives, bends and bruises, breaks and builds, but I’m glad that it happens that way. I don’t need my silly plans and my unimaginably wild expectations to make me feel good about my life. I don’t need to know where I’ll be in five years, or who I’ll be with, or what I will have accomplished by then. All I need is a Caterpie creeping across a log, looking for that next little leaf to feast upon. If my big worries can become little Caterpie problems, maybe, just maybe, I’ll be alright from this day forward.